What Does a Creative Advertising Agency Do?

A creative agency often works in tandem with marketers to ensure the best campaign possible. Here’s how:

The first step a creative advertising agency will take is to assess your brand or product in an attempt to discover any gaps in your messaging. These campaigns may start with the brand manager creating a short campaign report or some sketches that can be used to solicit new ideas. A good agency will then use this information to formulate the most effective campaigns possible.

For example, if you were to sell a jacket, a creative advertising agency might develop a number of different styles of jackets to appeal to your target audience. One of these might be for outdoor environments, while another might be suitable for urban environments. There are different styles of jackets so perhaps your company offers menswear as well as ladies’ wear. The agency will decide, based on its research and analysis on the best type of campaign to highlight the product in question. For instance, if you are selling ladies’ clothing you could look at using images such as hooded blazers, vests, trench coats and so on.

Another way the best marketing agency in Dubai can work in your favour is to come up with new slogans or taglines that can highlight your product or brand. The agency will use these words or phrases in campaigns alongside images, text or graphics in order to help boost consumer interest. Many agencies will even test the effectiveness of a slogan or tagline by having customers randomly sample them and then compile into a short report on the impact these words or images had on them. An example of this would be studiobfilms UK testing the effectiveness of ‘make it special’.

Brand design and promotion are also highly technical skills which must be acquired by creative advertising agencies. A good agency will work closely with the brand owner to carefully create a campaign that is in line with the customer’s needs and objectives.

As well as coming up with brand design ideas, creative advertising agency work alongside content creators to produce unique content for websites, print media and other venues. Some content creators may create original material, while others may be contracted out. The job of the content creators is often quite varied including choosing themes and colours for the website, creating copy and illustrations, proofreading and editing the content – it’s all part of creating successful campaigns.

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