How to Select a Good a Perfume

Buying perfume can sometimes be a very confusing affair, especially if it’s for one personal use. However, selecting the right perfume for an intimate partner or lover can perplex the most confident of consumers. Perfumes are designed to either complement the wearer or to set off another sense in them. If you are looking at how to buy perfume, then you have to take into account what sort of scent you would like from it.

  1. When selecting a perfume and a hand sanitizer in Dubai, you also have to take into consideration the perfume’s target fragrance concentrations. Each type of perfume has its own intended fragrance concentrations.
  2. Eau de Parfum, for example, has a low fragrance concentration. Parfum is meant to be smelled on a casual day or during a casual evening out with friends and this would not be the sort of perfume that you would wear during a major social event like a wedding or a date.
  3. It is important that your target fragrance is represented through the scent of your perfume. Eau de Parfum for example, has very strong floral scents. The perfume’s purpose is to give off a light, fresh, and clean scent that is very feminine. This scent is perfect for people who want to wake up to the smell of flowers, clean, and fresh air, and citrus flavors.
  4. In contrast, Eau de Toilette and the best oud perfume in Dubai has stronger scents. These scents would be perfect for those who like colognes to smell like a fresh potpourri or for those who love perfumes with woody or leathery notes.
  5. Cologne is normally used by those who are in the mood to impress others or by those who find colognes and perfumes very comforting and grounding. It is for these reasons that the scent of perfume works best when used on intimate objects such as lovers or a spouse, for example.
  6. Your perfume will also need to be balanced in terms of its sillage. The village refers to the area where the scent will linger on the skin. Some scents will work better on certain parts of the body, while others may work better on some areas and not on others.

If you wish to get a perfume with stronger or more powerful scents, you should go for scents that have stronger sillage values. Perfume with weaker scents however, have lesser sillage values and are usually best suited for daytime wear or for situations where you want to just dab a little on your wrist.

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