Facts about photo frames

Humans have been using photo frames since medieval times and we have been no stranger to clicking pictures and framing it later on to serve as a memory which have cherished in that moment. With the excessive use of photo frames a demand have been increased in photo frame suppliers in Dubai who are now producing the most unique and perfect designs for every decor ranging from wooden carvings to glass works in Dubai, there is a huge variety available out there. Here are some facts that you should be aware about photo frames:

  1. There are thousands and thousands of photo frames being produced each day and there is very high chance of these frames looking similar to the previous design. This is the reason that no matter how unique the photo frame design is, you can’t copyright it.
  2. We have been adapted to the idea of framing photos just for the sake of look and memory but what we don’t realize about is that by framing photos we are saving more than just memory, we are saving a piece of art from dust and dirt as well as harsh lights.
  3. The kinds of frames which we see today are to be used in such a way that a printed photograph needs to be secured in it and you will be good to go. This wasn’t the case in early days because the canvas on which paintings were made was later carved into frames later on.
  4. The real idea of modern frame which we see today came into being when artists started making commissioned pieces for homes this is when they realized the need of a compact frame which could assure its safety and an external frame was brought into being.
  5. When the frames were produced, there was a picture frame measurement guide attached to it which helped people in printing the desired photo. This tradition is still continued today which sets standard and guidelines for print and frame industry.
  6. World’s largest photo frame was under construction since quite a while and it is finally finished in Dubai which lets you look through old/new Dubai. The photo frame is set to measure approx 150 x 93 meters.

Photo frames have and always will be a great part of our lives and this is how we remember and cherish the frozen moments through it.